These stylish French Hat Boxes make an unexpectedly elegant presentation. 20-25 preserved roses arranged in our Timeless Fleur box with ribbons attached on the side serve to carry it on the go.

It also comes in a variety choice of colors for you to pick and customize accordingly.

Please email us at for special customization request.

It is also able to last up to a year provided with proper care and do not require any watering or maintenance.

Our policy lasts for 7 days.

All risk of loss or damage to the goods passes to you when we dispatch the goods.

Glass domes are prone to scratches hence do check when you’ve received on the day itself otherwise exchange/refund of the reasons of scratches on glass dome will be voided.

We only refund items if they are defective or damaged. Please send us an email at regarding the damaged or defective arrangement. We will notify you of the approval or rejection of your refund/exchange.

  • Our preserved roses should be kept in a cool, dry room away from direct sunlight & high humidity as to avoid any form of bleeding, color fading, growth of fungi/mold & plant tissue damage. Most optimal will be at room temperature 24 degree Celsius.
  • Do not get in contact with water.Pre-Caution: Carry from its base at all times.

Timeless Classic


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