1.use string or paper

How to Measure & Determine Her Ring Size

Any piece of string or paper can become your trusty tool in measuring ring size. If using a piece of paper, make sure to cut it into a thin, long strip. A good estimate would be 15cm by 0.5cm. Alternatively, you can use a cut-out sizer – we have a handy one you can print out for use as well!

Wrap this string, strip of paper, or the cut-out sizer around the thickest part of the finger that you wish to measure, and then make a marking at the point it goes one round around the finger.

Once you’ve made the marking, unravel the string or paper and lay it flat. Measure the length up till the marking, and you’ll get the circumference of the ideal ring size! After that, it is just a matter of matching the circumference to the right ring size number. If the circumference is in between sizes, opt for the larger size.



2.measure an existing ring

Choose a ring that you wear often that fits you well in terms of sizing.

If you don’t have a lot of time to measure the ring itself, you can simply outline the inner circumference of the ring on a piece of paper first, and measure it later. Alternatively, you can place the ring on a size guide, which will show you the corresponding diameter and size number of the ring.