Our Story


Flowers have always been a symbol of romance and have since then played an important role in many precious relationship. However, such beauty often comes in a hefty price and doesn’t last. It struck upon the founder when a best friend of hers mentioned how pity it was as flowers wilted away and how she wish flower to last as a keepsake.

That sudden conversation become the birth of Timeless Fleur.  An opulent floral atelier founded on romance, luxury and individuality since December 2016. We handpick only the freshness roses to preserve in order to present you the lasting luxury of each roses.

With a tenacious devotion for eminence and quality, each of our product is also meticulously designed and made with love like how we would want to receive it.

Preserved Flower

The Timeless Fleur™ flowers are real flower that can last for up to a year or more when cared for properly. Our flowers are cut at their peak and perfect state and are treated with our propriety solution and color pigmentation process. Flowers are then transformed into long lasting flowers that maintain its beauty and freshness.  Best of all, no maintenance required yet at the same time allow consumers to save money on the replacement cost of fresh flowers and help reduce carbon footprint. Flower lovers can finally admire its beauty for long.