One-stop complete luxury gifting boutique concept

Our mission

  • Provide our customer one-stop complete luxury gifting boutique.

Our values

  • Quality over quantity
  • Products variety
  • Quality check
  • Positive ecology impact

about us

Timeless Fleur started off as an opulent floral atelier based in Singapore, founded with the idea of sustainability in mind. We specialized in creating, designing and crafting Preserved Flower arrangements in glass dome that lasts for a year.

We soon realize, the lack of sustainable gifts and choices in the market. This result in the birth of our Timeless Fleur’s Diamond stimulant. We worked with our prestige partner to co create the diamond stimulant which cut and clarity are resemble of a real diamond at no cost of hurting our mother’s earth.

With a wide array of products in varying colours and sizes, including luxury preserved flowers and fine diamond stimulant, Customers can be sure to find what they are looking for.

The overarching vision has been to create a luxury gifting boutique which doesn’t just sell romantic products, but joyful moments that can be cherished for a lifetime. Timeless Fleur aims to bring a whirlwind of emotion to every occasion, to every apology and to every congratulation.

The company ethos is centred on the notion of spreading love, joy and happiness throughout society, to make the world a more positive and giving place that is tied together by meaningful, cherished moments which last forever.

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